A Panel Discussion

EYELEVEL at the Ellen McArthur Foundation's CE100

April 2018
Environmentally Friendly

100 of the world's frontrunners in the field of Circular Economy met in Venlo on April 17 to visit ECOR Europe's Resource & Development Center. At the center, various recyclable and biodegradable fibers are tested and turned into plate material.

The day was ushered in with a reception by mayor Antoine Scholten and a tour at Venlo’s cradle-to-cradle city hall. The afternoon was all about circular innovation at the ECOR R&D Center. In the presence of the visitors an experimental ECOR panel was made from beverage cartons and used textiles. In addition, companies and participants of the “ECOR Community” showed the latest techniques and product possibilities with ECOR. For instance, DSM-Niaga presented its circular adhesive that laminates ECOR panels, which can be easily separated at the end of its life cycle by its revolutionary “unclick” mechanism. Another partner, EYELEVEL, presented a circular retail concept, developing and manufacturing shop fittings based on reusable ECOR material.

The visit was part of a two-day CE100 Acceleration workshop, a program of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Eric Logtens, CEO of ECOR Europe: “It pleases me to a great extent to see that so many companies are interested in our technology. It is fantastic to take the path towards a circular economy together with these organizations.”

The CE100 is a global platform that connects leading organizations, innovative start-ups and regional organizations to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. ECOR has been part of this leading group of organizations for three years as an “emerging start-up”.

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