EYELEVEL and ECOR Join Forces for a Circular Economy

August 2018

EYELEVEL and ECOR have formed a strategic partnership around their shared vision to realize and co-create circular retail environment solutions. The announcement comes during Holland’s Circular Economy Week, a living lab of innovations and a breeding space for international partnerships.

EYELEVEL’s heritage with retail experience design coupled with ECOR’s sustainable core material will yield retail products including point-of-purchase and point-of-sales displays, cabinets, signage, luxury packaging and merchandise materials. This collaborative portfolio enables brands to design and develop waste-free store concepts that are fully recyclable at the end of their use.

“This is an ideal partnership for EYELEVEL. As we drive our vision in building sustainable retail environments for the brands we love, we relentlessly pursue collaborative partners who are as equally conscious and purposeful,” shares Ben Jensen, Global Director of Design & Innovation. “ECOR was built on offering a supremely innovative alternative to the industry norm. This partnership reinforces that the future of retail lies in earth-friendly practices.”

ECOR will provide the necessary R&D facilities and knowledge on creating a fiber-based alloy, while EYELEVEL identifies and onboards fabricators in its network who can work with the material to manufacture fixtures and collateral. ECOR is 100% bio-based, and 100% comprised of recycled waste to provide alternatives to wood and paper-based materials. It’s 100% recyclable and is cradle-to-cradle compliant. Additionally, ECOR products are free of formaldehydes and volatile off-gassing components (VOC’s), improving air quality in stores.

“Brands now can choose to upcycle their own waste stream such as packaging materials, office paper and waste textiles into valuable brand concepts” says Eric Logtens, CEO of ECOR Europe and Global director circular economy. “This really brings the circular economy to the consumer.”