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FOOTSHOP Na Příkopě 20

February 2019
Retail Environments


Footshop has done it again! EYELEVEL had the pleasure of working with this Czech footwear and fashion powerhouse for a second time to establish their Prague flagship location in the heart of Na Příkopě 20 - considered the world’s twenty-most expensive streets - in the former Živnostenská banka building.

As a brand that is known to immerse themselves in the environment they’re placing roots in, this second Prague location was meant to evoke the wonder and emotions akin to stepping into an art gallery.


We had a very short timeline to work with, and from EYELEVEL’s brief to store realization, the whole thing took less than two months including Christmas break. This brand execution was also extraordinary due to the building the store was moving into - due to it’s historical preservation, we were not allowed to touch the interior build (walls, floors, structure) and the fixture designs reflected that limitation.


EYELEVEL designed, produced, and implemented store fixtures and layout to not interfere with the building’s structure. Shelves were made to be standalone instead of bolted into the walls, and clothing fixtures were freestanding. We also incorporated glass plinths as a nod to the modernity and minimalism we were trying to bring into the already incredibly airy and artistic space.

“Our second store in Prague will establish a concept of our other stores, which are exceptional for their events and artistic activities,” says Peter Hadjucek, owner of Footshop. “Although we started out as an e-commerce planer, brick-and-mortar shops have become an inherent part of who we are and one of the means to bring our customers closer.”

Footshop has four other stores in Prague, Bratislava, and Budapest collectively.

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