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Our Journey of Developing a Strong Future Vision

June 2018
Happening @ EYELEVEL


As a company focused on innovation and pushing boundaries, we know that we have to start thinking about business models well before they marketplace starts to change. So our journey of developing a strong future vision began as an exercise of intense self reflection.

Global Director of Design & Innovation, Ben Jensen says: “We’ve always been a values-driven company, with passion, purpose, and an entrepreneurial mindset as part of our DNA. But our internal communications and external brand positioning was inconsistent and outdated. What does a tagline like ‘Inspiring Brand Experiences’ mean? We also had no clear vision of the future: where do we want to be in three years? In ten years? What will the future of retail look like, and how can we help shape it?”

Read more about how Business Models, Inc. helped us shape our future vision, guided us in developing our own design-thinking methodology, and enabled us to articulate our passion and sense of urgency for a circular economy in our industry. They were kind enough to write a feature about us on their blog here