A Panel Discussion

Innovation and sustainability, and the future of mixed-use spaces

February 2019

Every year, our Portland office sets aside two days for just ourselves - the entire team - to reconnect with our intentions for the year. In 2019, we’re committed to reconnecting with our industry, especially sparking inspiration, education, and comradery amongst every member of our PNW family. We kicked things off with a panel discussion - bringing four local experts together in architecture, brand, manufacturing, and supply chain to help provide some context and perspective into the future of mixed-use spaces. Specifically, we explored the importance of sustainability, innovation, and strategic industry partnerships.

Thank you again to Matt Kelly (adidas), John Wix (Gensler), Britt Howard (Portland Garment Factory) and Stephen Grinstead (OIA Global) for offering their time and expertise. Our team walked away with a renewed appreciation for the work that we do and the industry we love.

While this was a prototype and something we’ve never done before, we’re excited to bring that same topic (slightly modified) to this year’s beloved Portland Design Week.